Discover the fascinating inventory of audiovisual documents

It is always captivating and sometimes even moving to achieve discoveries in the audiovisual archives of the Augustinian Sisters. Le Centre d’archives du Monastère preserves hundreds of audio and visual documents about the nuns on their daily lives or during important events of their history. These treasures tell us about the community administration, the hospital environment, celebrations and festivities, testimonials and travel accounts and missions, religious life, faith, etc. Among the audiovisual documents, interviews with the Augustinian Sisters allow us to understand their know-how plus their rituals and customs surrounding religious life.

Time for a search!

The professionals working at Le Centre d’archives du Monastère des Augustines have concocted a comprehensive inventory of the audiovisual archives carefully preserved from yesterday to today. This tool makes it possible to search, with the help of various fields, the audiovisual treasures of the Augustinian Sisters.

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